Our Cases




All Ded Pop cases are expertly produced by our manufacturing partners here in the UK, offering you the finest print quality and protection your device deserves. We can produce almost any case, so please contact us if your phone model is not listed. 

Both our case options are made from a specially treated, impact resistant polycarbonate material. The Slim option provides a sleek protective layer, whereas the Tough option has an extra silicone inner, making it slightly thicker and virtually indestructible.

See below for a visual guide:

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We encourage our customers to recycle their old Ded Pop phone cases. When you upgrade your phone or just feel like a new case, please email us here:


Just provide us with an address and the exact phone model you are sending back, we will then send you a pre-paid envelope for the return.

Once we receive the case, we will deliver it to one of our chosen charities.